Merle has 30 years in the Construction Industry. His work as one of the top General Contractors in Breckenridge began with concrete work as a teenager, moving on to framing all sizes and types of buildings: commercial, residential, tract-homes and custom estates.  He maintained his own framing contracting business for 15 years in Breckenridge and has since taken his hands-on knowledge of the construction world to the next level, applying that familiarity with other trades, building processes, and skill-set to being one of the premiere General Contractors in Breckenridge.

   Jill has been an integral part of the Contracting business for nearly 15 years, first at the ‘desk end’ of things, making sure that all paperwork was handled.  She has since become a face seen on the job sites as well: coordinating and communicating with subcontractors and meeting with designers and clients. She is one of the only female General Contractors in Breckenridge.